Turkey at a Crossroads


The following is an excerpt from the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2016. Download the PDF to read Dr. Cagaptay's full contribution.

Whether or not Turkey will be able to overcome the multipronged terror threat, social polarization, and political instability will all depend on President Erdogan and his agenda. Erdogan needs to realize his pursuit of power is taking Turkey down a dangerous path, rendering it vulnerable to internal and external threats. Given the country's deep divisions, Turkey's only way out is for Erdogan to pull back to the powers defined for his office by the Turkish constitution: a nonpartisan President who is not in charge of government. Instead, the new civilian constitution should focus on guaranteeing broad individual freedoms and cultural rights for all citizens of Turkey. This is the only way Turkey can quell the deep divisions within the country. It will ultimately be up to Erdogan to tamp down social and political tensions before they explode...

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