Turkey Mends Fences with Israel

Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst

A closer look at Turkey's motivations for normalizing relations with Israel.

Below are key points from Dr. Cagaptay's article on Turkish-Israeli rapprochement. Download the PDF to read the full article.


  • Turkey was under little apparent pressure to accept the apology offered by Israel for the 2009 Mavi Marmaraincident during which Israeli naval commandos killed nine Turkish civilians on a ship attempting to break Israel's economic blockade of the Gaza Strip.

  • However, regional political and security concerns and more nuanced Turkish foreign policy objectives have combined to compel Ankara to embrace a normalization of relations with Israel.

  • These Turkish concerns include the fallout from the conflict in Syria, competition with Iran, influence over the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and oil and gas exploitation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Download the full article here: http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/uploads/Documents/opeds/Cagaptay20130416-Janes.pdf