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Soner Cagaptay
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Interviews & Speeches

Title Publication Date
An Extremely Vulnerable Turkey The Cipher Brief December 20, 2016
Turkey Downs Russian Warplane The Takeaway November 24, 2015
The Day After Turkey's Snap Elections November 2, 2015
Has ISIS Invaded Turkey? The Takeaway October 29, 2015
Expert: No surprise if ISIS is behind peace rally attack CNN October 12, 2015
A Day After Blasts Rock Turkey Parade, Mourning And Mounting Protests NPR October 11, 2015
Before It Can Hope to Fight Militants, Turkey Has Its Own Troubles To Tame NPR All Things Considered August 22, 2015
Turkey Shifts Terror Tactics with Airstrikes CNN News July 26, 2015
Turkey Strikes against ISIS and the PKK CNN News July 25, 2015
Turkey's Decision to join U.S. in Fight Against ISIS BBC World News America July 24, 2015
Turkey Opens Airspace For U.S. Operations Against Islamic State NPR All Things Considered July 24, 2015
VOA- Turkish Elections Voice of America June 13, 2015
How Will Turkey Form a Government? KPFK FM June 9, 2015
Breaking Down Turkey's General Election Center for American Progress June 9, 2015
How pro-Kurdish party could impact Turkey BBC World Service, Newshour June 8, 2015
Charlie Rose: Turkish Elections PBS June 8, 2015
Kurdish Party Wins Record Number Of Seats In Turkish Parliament NPR June 8, 2015
Why Turkey doesn't use the word 'genocide' for Armenia PBS Newshour April 24, 2015
Turkey's Transformation: Prospects and Limits Washington Institute Policy Forum March 7, 2014
Turkey Rising: Challenges and Prospects for the New Administration The Washington Institute for Near East Policy January 18, 2013
Should the U.S. sell Turkey weapons to use against the PKK? CNN Global Public Square October 29, 2011
An Obama Policy toward Turkey: Continuity or Change? Washington Institute Policy Forum February 18, 2009
The Kurdish PKK and Turkey Turkish Coalition July 21, 2008
Threat to Northern Iraq from Turkey? CNN: Glenn Beck October 12, 2007
Turkish Election Results: More or Less Stability? Washington Institute Policy Forum July 23, 2007
Look the Other Way Today's Zaman June 25, 2007
Upcoming Elections in Turkey: Implications for Ankara's Foreign Policy Washington Institute Special Policy Forum April 16, 2007
Turkey's EU Path Transatlantic Institute, Belgium November 22, 2006
How the PKK Issue is Shaping Turkish Policy Today Transatlantic Institute, Belgium November 22, 2006
Turkey's EU Accession: Train Wreck or Red Light? Washington Institute Special Policy Forum November 15, 2006
"Admitting Turkey Will Be a Test of How Secular the EU Is" Deutsche-Welle October 4, 2006
The Eve of Decision: Will Europe Admit Turkey? Washington Institute Special Policy Forum December 9, 2004
Local Elections in Turkey: A Landslide Victory for the Incumbent AKP Washington Institute Special Policy Forum March 29, 2004
Eyewitness Perspectives Assessing Progress in Iraq (Part II) Washington Institute Special Policy Forum February 9, 2004
Turkey's Stakes in Iraq Washington Institute Special Policy Forum February 28, 2003
Turkey Goes to the Polls: A Post-Mortem Washington Institute Special Policy Forum November 7, 2002

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