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Title Publication Date
U.S. Policy on Turkey January 2017
Istanbul attack: Turkey must end blame game and look for solutions CNN January 1, 2017
Turkey's permanent state of crisis Washington Post December 20, 2016
An Extremely Vulnerable Turkey The Cipher Brief December 20, 2016
SYRIAN KURDS AS A U.S. ALLY TWI Policy Focus November 18, 2016
Russia-Turchia, Prove di Disgelo Limes November 2, 2016
Turkey's Warming Ties With Iran The Globalist October 2, 2016
The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Turkey August 25, 2016
If tensions increase with the west, Erdogan might find a friend in Putin The Guardian July 23, 2016
Inside Turkey's Failed Coup: What Happened? Why? What Next? The Washington Institute for Near East Policy July 22, 2016
Erdogan's Final Agenda the Atlantic July 19, 2016
Turkey's Troubling Turn Foreign Affairs July 19, 2016
Troubling Forces Unleashed The Cipher Brief July 19, 2016
The coup attempt is bad news for Turkey's democracy Washington Post July 18, 2016
Turkey Faces Its Iran 1979 Moment Wall Street Journal July 18, 2016
Will Turkey and Russia Make Up? The Cipher Brief July 8, 2016
Will the PKK and the Islamic State Bring Turkey and Russia Closer Together? July 7, 2016
Why the Islamic State targets Muslim countries like Turkey Washington Post July 6, 2016
Turkey's Istanbul attack vengeance will be like 'rain from hell' CNN June 29, 2016
Turkey's Regional Charm Offensive: Motives and Prospects June 27, 2016
Where Does Erdogan Want to Take Turkey? US News June 15, 2016
Why Turkey Is Unlikely to Alter Its Syria Policy in Wake of Prime Minister's Exit Wall Street Journal May 6, 2016
Israel and Turkey Approaching Reconciliation Amid Policy Challenges April 19, 2016
Four Things to Watch During Turkish President Erdogan's Visit to Washington The Wall Street Journal March 29, 2016
Is Turkey Coming in from the Cold in Europe? CNN March 28, 2016
The War of All Against Turkey The Wall Street Journal March 21, 2016
IS and Russia Could Exploit Turkey's Political Divisions Washington Institute for Near East Policy February 22, 2016
A Turkish 'Secure Strip' in Syria: Domestic Concerns and Foreign Limitations Washington Institute for Near East Policy February 19, 2016
Terror attack in Ankara: A new era of Kurdish politics for Turkey? CNN February 18, 2016
Preventing a Middle Eastern Gordian Knot War on the Rocks February 3, 2016
A Turkish-Friendly Zone Inside Syria The Washington Institute January 29, 2016
Kemal Erdogan's Second Turkish Revolution Politico January 27, 2016
Biden Should Ask Turkey to Double Down on Its Commitment to the West Hurriyet Daily News January 23, 2016
Turkey's New Base in Qatar The Washington Institute January 14, 2016
What Is Behind the Istanbul Attack? The Washington Institute January 13, 2016
Turkey's New Old Friends The Wall Street Journal December 30, 2015
Turkey's Military Presence in Iraq: A Complex Strategic Deterrent The Washington Institute December 30, 2015
Turkey's Military Presence in Iraq: A Complex Strategic Deterrent The Washington Institute December 30, 2015
When Russia Howls, Turkey Moves War on the Rocks December 2, 2015
Russia will want to make Turkey pay CNN November 27, 2015
Turkey After the Snap Elections: War Cabinet or Peace Cabinet? The Washington Institute October 30, 2015
The U.S.-PYD-Turkey Puzzle The Washington Institute October 23, 2015
Turkey's Divisions Are So Deep They Threaten Its Future The Guardian October 19, 2015
The AKP's New Face: Assessing the September Board Vote Ahead of November's Elections The Washington Institute October 14, 2015
Why Turkey should fear itself CNN October 14, 2015
Turkey Is in Serious Trouble The Atlantic October 6, 2015
Turkey's Snap Elections May Not Change Much Policy Watch September 28, 2015
How the U.S. Military Lost Its Favor for Turkey Policy Analysis September 24, 2015
Kurds Can Go Their Own Way Foreign Affairs September 22, 2015
Turkey's Political Uncertainty: Implications of the June 2015 Parliamentary Election Research Note August 19, 2015
Implications of Turkey's War Against the PKK Policy Watch August 14, 2015
Turkey's Kurdish Moment Hurriyet Daily News August 3, 2015
Turkey strikes Kurdish militants in Iraq, ends truce of more than 2 years The Washington Post July 25, 2015
Türkiye Tehlikeli Bir Döneme Giriyor Deutsche Welle July 23, 2015
Why Erdogan Could Push for Early Elections: Turkey's Regulatory Bodies in a New Era Policy Analysis July 7, 2015
Will Erdogan Invade Syria? Policy Analysis July 6, 2015
What Turkey Could Lose and Gain From a Military Operation in Syria Policy Analysis July 2, 2015
Farewell President Demirel Opinion June 27, 2015
Reading Turkish Tea Leaves: Speaker's Election Will Offer Clues To Political Future Policy Watch June 26, 2015
Turkey's Political Scene Post-Election (Part 3): The AKP-HDP Option Policy Watch June 24, 2015
Turkey's Political Scene Post-Election (Part 2): The AKP-MHP Option Policy Watch June 23, 2015
Turkey's Political Scene Post-Election (Part 1): The AKP-CHP Option Policy Watch June 22, 2015
What Turkey's Election Results Mean Policy Alert June 8, 2015
The Next Step in Erdogan's Dance With the Kurds Wall Street Journal June 3, 2015
Can Erdogan Stay at the Helm? Policy Notes May 26, 2015
Are Muslims Islamists? Hurriyet Daily News May 18, 2015
An Alevi Tide Headed for Turkey's Parliament Policy Watch May 6, 2015
Iran Won't Give Up on Its Revolution New York Times April 26, 2015
Regional Dimensions of the Syria Train-and-Equip Program Policy Watch April 10, 2015
Those Crazy Christians American Interest April 9, 2015
The Fragile Thaw in U.S.-Turkish Relations Policy Watch April 7, 2015
Turkey and the KRG: An Undeclared Economic Commonwealth Policy Watch March 16, 2015
Turkey and Egypt's Great Game in the Middle East Foreign Affairs March 8, 2015
Turkey's Kurdish Path Policy Notes March 1, 2015
Turkey and the KRG: Signs of Booming Economic Ties (Infographic) February 25, 2015
Is the U.S.-Turkey Relationship Crumbling? Policy Watch February 5, 2015
5 Lines of Effort to Degrade and Defeat ISIS February 2, 2015
Fear, Loathing, and an Ottoman Shrine in the Cold War Between ISIS and Turkey The Spectator October 27, 2014
Turkey Calls for Safe Havens and No-Fly Zones in Syria: Five Things You Need to Know Policy Alert October 10, 2014
Turkey and the Battle for Kobane Policy Alert October 8, 2014
Turkey to Vote on Syria Policy Policy Watch October 1, 2014
Is Islamism Compatible with Democracy? The Hill September 5, 2014
Turkey's Middle-East Dream Becomes a Nightmare Wall Street Journal September 3, 2014
Revealing Trends in Turkey's Presidential Election Research Notes September 1, 2014
The New Davutoglu: The Next Prime Minister's Game Plan Foreign Affairs September 1, 2014
After Erdogan, Turkey's Future Will Be Liberal New York Times August 14, 2014
Will President Erdogan Run Turkey? Policy Watch August 11, 2014
Why Recep Tayyip Erdogan Will Be Turkey's First Directly Elected President Los Angeles Times August 7, 2014
Turks in Europe and Kurds in Turkey Could Elect Erdogan PolicyWatch July 23, 2014
Turkey's Kurdish Buffer Foreign Affairs July 1, 2014
Discussing Turkey's Latest Foreign Policy Challenges Foreign Policy Association June 27, 2014
Q&A on Turkey Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb June 26, 2014
Popularity Contest: The Implications of Turkey's Local Elections IHS Jane's May 7, 2014
Turkey's Presidential Prospects: Assessing Recent Trends Research Notes May 1, 2014
The Liberals in Erdoğan's Wake Majalla April 16, 2014
Turkey's Slow-Burning Alevi Unrest Asharq Al Awsat March 24, 2014
#TwitterBan Is Bad for Erdogan and Turkey Policy Alert March 20, 2014
Turkey's Muted Reaction to the Crimean Crisis PolicyWatch March 4, 2014
Libertarian Turkey Hurriyet Daily News March 3, 2014
The Islamist Feud Behind Turkey's Turmoil The Wall Street Journal December 29, 2013
The E.U. Needs Turkey The New York Times December 20, 2013
Turkey Fears a Shiite Alliance The New York Times November 25, 2013
Turkey seeks to lock in long-term security The Washington Post November 9, 2013
Middle East reconfigured: Turkey vs. Iran vs. Saudi Arabia CNN Global Public Square September 15, 2013
Erdogan's Empathy for Morsi Asharq Al Awsat September 14, 2013
Balancing Iran The American Interest September 1, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood's Fall Lands Turkey an Unexpected Ally: Kurds The Atlantic August 16, 2013
Turkey's Jihadi Dilemma CNN Global Public Square August 5, 2013
Turkey's Middle Class Strikes Back The New York Times June 5, 2013
Turks Have Learned the Power of Grassroots Politics The Atlantic June 4, 2013
Testing Turkey Foreign Affairs May 28, 2013
Syrian crisis leading towards open Turkey-Iran conflict Asharq Al Awsat May 26, 2013
Syria to top Erdogan's Washington agenda CNN Global Public Square May 16, 2013
Turkey's Future Diplomatic Courier May 14, 2013
Erdogan Visits Washington PolicyWatch May 7, 2013
What Does Turkey Gain from PKK Talks? Asharq Al Awsat May 4, 2013
Tempered Islamism Majalla April 30, 2013
Turkey's foreign policy gambit Hurriyet Daily News April 29, 2013
Why Turkey Won't Attack Syria The Atlantic April 9, 2013
Syria's War Could Inflame Turkey's Hatay Province PolicyWatch April 4, 2013
Turkey's Kurdish Language Policy Al-Monitor March 17, 2013
Turkey at the crossroads Los Angeles Times March 6, 2013
Turkey Rising? (II) Hurriyet Daily News March 5, 2013
Turkey rising? (I) Hurriyet Daily News March 4, 2013
Turkey's Foray Into the Fertile Crescent The New York Times February 27, 2013
Can Turkey seize the 'Kurdish card' for itself? CNN Global Public Square February 6, 2013
Ankara attack a sign of things to come? CNN Global Public Square February 1, 2013
Syria's War Affecting Turkey in Unexpected Ways PolicyWatch January 29, 2013
Is Turkey Finally Ready to Make Peace with the Kurds? The Atlantic January 23, 2013
For Obama, the Key to Damascus May Lie in Ankara The Atlantic January 9, 2013
Whatever Happened to "The Turkish Model"? Fikra Forum January 7, 2013
Turkey's Distinctive Brew The Atlantic December 11, 2012
The new normal on the Turkish-Syrian border Hurriyet Daily News December 5, 2012
Why Syria's Fragmentation Is Turkey's Opportunity The Atlantic October 24, 2012
The Right Way for Turkey to Intervene in Syria The New York Times October 11, 2012
Military Implications of the Syria-Turkey Border Incident PolicyWatch October 5, 2012
Syria becomes a wedge between U.S. and Turkey The Washington Post October 5, 2012
The Specter of Turkish-Syrian War The Wall Street Journal October 4, 2012
Turkey's Kurdish Calculus The Wall Street Journal September 25, 2012
Safe Havens Overflowing on the Turkey-Syria Border PolicyWatch September 13, 2012
The end of Pax Adana Hurriyet Daily News August 25, 2012
Turkey's Syria split CNN Global Public Square August 22, 2012
Why Secretary Clinton is going to Istanbul CNN Global Public Square August 10, 2012
Should Turkey be afraid of the Syrian Kurds? CNN Global Public Square July 20, 2012
Would Turkey leave NATO? CNN Global Public Square June 26, 2012
How America Can Help Its Friends Make Nice The New York Times June 20, 2012
Turkey's role in the Arab Spring Hurriyet Daily News June 16, 2012
Will Turkey force Obama's hand on Syria? CNN Global Public Square June 14, 2012
Turkey, Israel: Potential for a fresh start? CNN Global Public Square May 31, 2012
What drives Turkey's new Syria stance? CNN Global Public Square May 23, 2012
Flooding out terror? CNN Global Public Square May 3, 2012
Kemalism is dead, but not Ataturk CNN Global Public Square May 2, 2012
How does the new Turkey think? Hurriyet Daily News April 30, 2012
Arab AKPs in the making? Hurriyet Daily News April 23, 2012
Are Syrian Alawites and Turkish Alevis the same? CNN Global Public Square April 17, 2012
Will Syria's Sectarian Divisions Spill Over Into Turkey? The New Republic April 14, 2012
How Iran and Turkey See Each Other Hurriyet Daily News April 13, 2012
Changed Prospects for Turkish Military Intervention in Syria PolicyWatch April 12, 2012
Don't expect Turkey to invade Syria CNN Global Public Square March 22, 2012
Turkey's foreign policy pivot Los Angeles Times March 21, 2012
Why Turkey Hasn't Intervened in Syria The New Republic March 13, 2012
Why delayed intervention in Syria could cause radicalization CNN Global Public Square March 2, 2012
Turkey's post-EU world Hurriyet Daily News February 28, 2012
Next Up: Turkey vs. Iran The New York Times February 14, 2012
Can dictators survive new media? CNN Global Public Square February 10, 2012
The Case for Organizing a Military Force From the Muslim World to Intervene in Syria The New Republic February 9, 2012
Humanitarian Safe Havens: Bosnia's Lessons for Syria PolicyWatch February 7, 2012
Five ways al-Assad may fall CNN Global Public Square February 2, 2012
Turkey's changing world CNN Global Public Square January 30, 2012
How to get Russia on board in Syria? Hurriyet Daily News January 30, 2012
Turkey's Kurdish Weltschmerz Hurriyet Daily News January 16, 2012
The Empires Strike Back The New York Times January 14, 2012
Turkey moves far beyond Europe CNN Global Public Square December 22, 2011
Portuguese Lessons for Turkey's Role in the Arab Spring Hurriyet Daily News December 15, 2011
Syria's Unique Relationship with Turkey Hurriyet Daily News December 4, 2011
Ties to Neighbors, Not Their Dictators The New York Times November 16, 2011
Turkish-EU reset, once again Hurriyet Daily News November 13, 2011
Obama, Erdogan find shared interests The Washington Post November 12, 2011
The AKP's Strength and Turkey's New Two-Party System Hurriyet Daily News November 6, 2011
Lessons of Tunisia and Turkey Fikra Forum November 4, 2011
Why Syria and Iran are becoming Turkey's enemies, again CNN Global Public Square October 29, 2011
Turkey and Israel need 'earthquake diplomacy' Hurriyet Daily News October 28, 2011
PKK Violence Impacts Ankara Policymaking Policy Alert October 26, 2011
The political consequences of Turkey's earthquake CNN Global Public Square October 24, 2011
Turkish Wirtschaftswunder Hurriyet Daily News October 23, 2011
How to make Turks your friends, or enemies Hurriyet Daily News October 6, 2011
How do you say 'lose-lose' in Hebrew and Turkish? The Jerusalem Post September 13, 2011
Could Israel and Turkey go to war? CNN Global Public Square September 8, 2011
New military, new Turkey Hurriyet Daily News August 28, 2011
From Ataturk to Erdogan, reshaping Turkey The Washington Post August 15, 2011
Turkish-Syrian Ties Worsen PolicyWatch August 9, 2011
Internet freedom is the first freedom of the 21st century Hurriyet Daily News August 7, 2011
No more cold Turkey Hurriyet Daily News July 29, 2011
Turkey's High-Stakes Power Struggle The Daily Beast July 29, 2011
The Turkish military snaps CNN Global Public Square July 29, 2011
Women 'Appear' in Turkey's Parliament Hurriyet Daily News July 17, 2011
How Washington Can Work with Turkey on Syria PolicyWatch July 14, 2011
What if Turkey invaded Syria? Hurriyet Daily News July 10, 2011
Turkey's "First Christian" CNN Global Public Square July 6, 2011
A Turkish Buffer Zone Inside Syria? Hurriyet Daily News July 3, 2011
Why Turkey will not become Italy Hurriyet Daily News June 28, 2011
The AKP's Underwhelming Victory Foreign Affairs June 26, 2011
The consequences of Syrian refugees in Turkey CNN Global Public Square June 14, 2011
Turkish Lessons for the Arab Spring The Wall Street Journal June 14, 2011
Turkey's next step: Learning to share Hurriyet Daily News June 12, 2011
Turkey's June 12 Elections PolicyWatch June 9, 2011
Uncomfortable Ottomans Foreign Policy June 8, 2011
Jinnah's nightmare: What went wrong in Pakistan Hurriyet Daily News May 22, 2011
Who will write Turkey's new constitution? Hurriyet Daily News May 17, 2011
Turkey's Threshold Hurriyet Daily News May 8, 2011
Does money really drive Turkey's stance toward Arab revolts? Hurriyet Daily News April 13, 2011
Turkey's Opposition Turns Social Democratic PolicyWatch April 4, 2011
Beware the 'Turkish Model' The Wall Street Journal March 28, 2011
Turkey's new 'old Kemalists' Hurriyet Daily News March 20, 2011
Obama to the rescue Hurriyet Daily News March 15, 2011
The other Turkish model Hurriyet Daily News March 13, 2011
Turkey's Anti-European Rhetoric Challenges U.S. Policy PolicyWatch March 11, 2011
Ending Turkey's nightmare Hurriyet Daily News March 8, 2011
Turkey's new a la carte nerve Hurriyet Daily News February 25, 2011
Arab revolt makes Turkey a regional power Hurriyet Daily News February 16, 2011
Turkish Model for Egypt? Hurriyet Daily News February 4, 2011
As Turkey's Foreign Policy Changes, So Does Turkey Hurriyet Daily News January 20, 2011
Who wins in a two-party system in Turkey? Hurriyet Daily News January 9, 2011
Turkish political physics Hurriyet Daily News January 2, 2011
Regenerating U.S.-Turkish Relations in 2011 inFocus Quarterly Winter 2010
New Kemalism: Religious but not conservative Hurriyet Daily News December 26, 2010
Turkish Exceptionalism? Hurriyet Daily News November 28, 2010
NATO's Turkey Problem The Wall Street Journal November 18, 2010
Sultan of the Muslim World Foreign Affairs November 15, 2010
Here's what happens to the eye you don't use The Jerusalem Post November 8, 2010
How Turkey is changing Bitterlemons International November 4, 2010
Is It Islamic or Islamist? Newsweek October 22, 2010
Turkey under the AKP, Part III Hurriyet Daily News October 17, 2010
Turkey under the AKP, Part II Hurriyet Daily News October 10, 2010
Turkey under the AKP Hurriyet Daily News October 3, 2010
The AKP's Turkey: More civilian, but more democratic? Hurriyet Daily News September 26, 2010
Turkey after the Constitutional Referendum PolicyWatch September 23, 2010
Turkey's Choice Wall Street Journal September 16, 2010
Torn Turkey, European Turkey Hurriyet Daily News September 14, 2010
Hair today, prime minister tomorrow Monocle August 24, 2010
The Scary European Model Newsweek August 2, 2010
How conspiracy theories spread Hurriyet Daily News August 1, 2010
Turkey Lost Turkey The Wall Street Journal July 12, 2010
The AKP's Hamas Policy III: Countering Radicalization Hurriyet Daily News July 9, 2010
The AKP's Hamas Policy II: "Us vs. Them" Hurriyet Daily News July 5, 2010
The AKP's Hamas Policy I: How Turkey Turned Hurriyet Daily News June 29, 2010
Turkey's Clash of Civilizations The Wall Street Journal June 8, 2010
Who's Afraid of Turkey? Newsweek June 4, 2010
Lose-lose for Turkey and Israel The Jerusalem Post June 4, 2010
Does Turkey's Iran policy serve Turkey? Hurriyet Daily News May 31, 2010
Turkey's game changer? The Jerusalem Post May 31, 2010
Women's Diminishing Power in Turkey Hurriyet Daily News May 27, 2010
Turkey's new political balance Hurriyet Daily News May 16, 2010
AKP, alcohol, and government-engineered social change in Turkey Hurriyet Daily News May 10, 2010
Who lost Ergenekon Hurriyet Daily News March 7, 2010
Turkey's Republic of Fear The Wall Street Journal March 4, 2010
Turkey's Turning Point Newsweek February 26, 2010
What's Really behind Turkey's Coup Arrests? February 25, 2010
The Diyanet and Laïcité: New Turkish Exports to Europe Hurriyet Daily News February 7, 2010
Muslims vs. Islamists Hurriyet Daily News January 27, 2010
No Women, No Europe Hurriyet Daily News January 20, 2010
Turks vs. Kurds Newsweek January 15, 2010
Offending the Turks The Jerusalem Post January 13, 2010
Dangerous Violence: Turkey's Emerging Ethnic Fault Line Hurriyet Daily News December 20, 2009
When Islamist foreign policies hurt Muslims The Los Angeles Times December 7, 2009
As Turkey pulls away The Jerusalem Post December 5, 2009
Mr. Erdogan Visits Washington PolicyWatch December 3, 2009
Please, Call Us Islamic Hurriyet Daily News December 2, 2009
7 Years of AKP Rule Al-Majalla November 26, 2009
The good rapprochement: Why Obama will praise Erdoğan Hurriyet Daily News November 25, 2009
What's in a case? The Jerusalem Post November 12, 2009
"Kurdish Opening" Closed Shut Foreign Policy October 28, 2009
Is Turkey Leaving the West? Foreign Affairs October 26, 2009
A Trap for Muslims Hurriyet Daily News October 25, 2009
Surfacing Submarine The Daily Star (Beirut) October 22, 2009
Bring Back the Caliphate The Wall Street Journal October 7, 2009
A Bridge To Change Hurriyet Daily News October 6, 2009
Too Hot for Turkish TV October 1, 2009
Free Media Will Save Turkish Democracy Middle East Strategy at Harvard September 29, 2009
Abandoning Atatürk Newsweek September 19, 2009
The Fallout of a Reversal on Missile Defense The New York Times: Room for Debate September 17, 2009
Anti-Americanism in a poisoned tank Hurriyet Daily News September 15, 2009
Not a Bigger Slice, but a Bigger Pie Hurriyet Daily News September 9, 2009
Will the PKK Take Turkey's Olive Branch? Hurriyet Daily News August 17, 2009
Persistent pest Hurriyet Daily News August 5, 2009
Persistent Anti-Americanism in Turkey PolicyWatch July 29, 2009
The World is Tilted Hurriyet Daily News July 29, 2009
Size Matters in Turkey's Shifting International Role Hurriyet July 22, 2009
Nabucco's Nemesis Hurriyet July 16, 2009
Why Turkey Must Get In Newsweek July 15, 2009
Obama's Two Dollars and Turkey Hurriyet July 8, 2009
Incirlikization Hurriyet July 1, 2009
The Iranian paradigm Hurriyet June 29, 2009
French connection Hurriyet June 17, 2009
An opportunity that comes once a millennium Hurriyet June 10, 2009
What Muslim World? Foreign Policy June 3, 2009
In love with Arab Islamists Hurriyet May 20, 2009
Behind Turkey's Witch Hunt Newsweek May 16, 2009
The Battle for Turkey's Soul Hurriyet May 13, 2009
The battle for Turkey's future Hurriyet May 6, 2009
The Caucasian Energy Circle PostGlobal April 27, 2009
How Much Will the U.S. Change under Obama? Hurriyet April 23, 2009
Fixing anti-Americanism in Turkey Bitterlemons International April 16, 2009
Center of the Earth Turkish Daily News April 15, 2009
Turkey Needs a Bear Hug from Obama The Wall Street Journal Asia April 6, 2009
Alliance of Civilizations: A Misplaced Union Hurriyet April 4, 2009
Obama in Turkey: Enticing Ankara Westward PolicyWatch April 2, 2009
In the Name of Islam: A Liberal Appeal Middle East Strategy at Harvard March 30, 2009
Turkey's Local Elections: Liberal Middle-Class Voters Abandon AKP PolicyWatch March 30, 2009
Turkey's Secret Power Brokers Newsweek March 21, 2009
The Islamists Show Their Hand Newsweek February 14, 2009
Turkish-Israeli Ties after the Deluge The Jerusalem Post February 14, 2009
Can Obama Break Turkey's EU Impasse? PolicyWatch February 3, 2009
Turkey's Turn From the West The Washington Post February 2, 2009
Is Turkey Still a Western Ally? The Wall Street Journal Europe January 22, 2009
Obama's Turkey Policy PolicyWatch January 15, 2009
Turkey's Waning Appetite for Europe Jane's Defence Weekly January 9, 2009
Lessons from the Annals of Counterterrorism Hurriyet Daily News December 17, 2008
President-Elect Obama, Is Turkey Western and European? Bitterlemons International November 20, 2008
The Most Anti-American Nation Newsweek November 17, 2008
The Caucasus: Small War, Big Damage Turkish Daily News September 8, 2008
Turkey Bows to the Dark Side Los Angeles Times August 19, 2008
The Dream of a New Turkey Newsweek August 9, 2008
Turkish Deja Vu International Herald Tribune July 18, 2008
Turkey Versus Turkey The Wall Street Journal Europe July 8, 2008
Turkey's A La Carte Liberalism Newsweek June 23, 2008
Ankara's Quiet Revolution Newsweek April 14, 2008
Will the Turkish Constitutional Court Ban the AKP? PolicyWatch March 19, 2008
360 Degrees from Erbil PostGlobal March 15, 2008
Turkey Changes, By the Numbers Los Angeles Times March 15, 2008
A Mutual Enemy: U.S.-Turkish-Iraqi Cooperation against the PKK PolicyWatch February 27, 2008
Headscarf Dilemma: Implications for Turkey and the United States PolicyWatch February 20, 2008
After Headscarves, What's Next? PostGlobal February 13, 2008
Quiet Bridge-Building The Washington Times January 26, 2008
A Middle East Study Tour: Perspectives from Turkey PolicyWatch December 19, 2007
Sarkozy's Policy on Turkey's E.U. Accession inFocus Winter 2007
The PKK Redux: Implications of a Growing Threat PolicyWatch November 15, 2007
Everybody's Kurdish Problem Bitterlemons International November 1, 2007
The PKK and the Armenian Genocide Resolution PolicyWatch October 23, 2007
Turkey's Headscarf Dilemma: Is There a Way Out? PolicyWatch September 7, 2007
Turkish Secularism Is Withering Newsweek International September 3, 2007
Iraqi Kurds and the Turkish-Iraqi Memorandum against the PKK PolicyWatch August 21, 2007
Turkish Troubles The Wall Street Journal July 31, 2007
How Will the Turkish Military React? Real Instituto Elcano July 16, 2007
Upcoming Turkish Elections: Issues and Winners PolicyWatch July 6, 2007
The PKK, PJAK, and Iran PolicyWatch June 13, 2007
Turkish Troops in Northern Iraq? PolicyWatch June 8, 2007
Turkey's 'Smart' Islamist Challenge PolicyWatch May 22, 2007
Turkey's Ongoing Political Crisis: Where Now? PolicyWatch May 9, 2007
A Deadly Stumbling Block Named the PKK Financial Times Germany February 25, 2007
Armenian Genocide Folly The Washington Times February 22, 2007
The Battle for Kirkuk PolicyWatch January 16, 2007
Can the PKK Renounce Violence? Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
The Iraq Study Group Report and the PKK PolicyWatch December 12, 2006
Turkey Gets Ready to Elect President under New Chief of Staff PolicyWatch October 13, 2006
Would Turkish Troops in Lebanon Be Neutral? The Jerusalem Post August 26, 2006
Turkey's Dangerous Lebanon Intentions The Daily Star (Beirut) August 25, 2006
Islamists in Charge The Wall Street Journal Europe August 18, 2006
Rising Tensions Between Turkey's AKP and the Courts PolicyWatch May 30, 2006
Exposing the Myth of Lasting Iranian-Turkish Amity The Daily Star (Beirut) May 23, 2006
The Myth of 1639 and Kasri Sirin Bitterlemons International May 18, 2006
Preventing Turkey's Popular Slide away from the West PolicyWatch April 12, 2006
Halal Turkey Bitterlemons International March 9, 2006
Republic of Caution The Daily Standard February 20, 2006
Hamas Visits Ankara PolicyWatch February 16, 2006
Left-Wing Monster: Abdullah Ocalan January 6, 2006
Europe's Terror Problem PolicyWatch December 2, 2005
Turkey and Europe's Problem with Radical Islam PolicyWatch November 2, 2005
Engaging Israel: The Significance of the Istanbul Meeting between Israel and Pakistan PolicyWatch September 2, 2005
Will the PKK Renounce Violence? Bitterlemons International August 25, 2005
With Turkey, Europe May Thwart al-Qaeda Bitterlemons International July 21, 2005
European Recalcitrance toward Turkey PolicyWatch June 29, 2005
Startup of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline PolicyWatch May 27, 2005
What binds Ankara and Jerusalem The Jerusalem Post May 1, 2005
The Turkish Prime Minister Visits Israel PolicyWatch April 27, 2005
Winning Turkey's Heart Bitterlemons International April 14, 2005
Good Relations between Azerbaijan and Israel PolicyWatch March 30, 2005
Changing Turkish Public Attitudes toward the United States PolicyWatch March 7, 2005
Improving Turkish-Russian Relations PolicyWatch January 12, 2005
Is the PKK Still a Threat to the United States and Turkey? PolicyWatch January 10, 2005
Can the U.S. Win Turkey Over in 2005? PolicyWatch January 7, 2005
Hizballah in Turkey Revives PolicyWatch January 5, 2005
Why Europe Needs Turkey Bitterlemons International November 4, 2004
European Union Suggests Turkey Is Not Quite Ready PolicyWatch October 7, 2004
Is the European Union Ready for Turkey? PolicyWatch October 4, 2004
Ankara Dispatch: Eastern Heading New Republic Online September 8, 2004
Where Goes the U.S.-Turkish Relationship? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Fixing Turkish-Israeli Relations Haaretz July 22, 2004
Kurds on the Way to Turkey Haaretz July 13, 2004
Allied Forces New Republic Online June 30, 2004
The PKK's New Offensive PolicyWatch June 25, 2004
UN Plan Fails in Cyprus PolicyWatch April 29, 2004
Split Shift New Republic Online April 9, 2004
NATO's Transformative Powers National Review Online April 2, 2004
Local Elections in Turkey: A Justice and Development Party Landslide? PolicyWatch March 25, 2004
The Problem within Islam The Daily Standard March 1, 2004
A Turkish Rapprochement With Middle East Rogue States? PolicyWatch January 9, 2004
The War on Terror Arrives in Istanbul PolicyWatch November 24, 2003
French Peacekeepers The Washington Times September 16, 2003
Time to Shut Down the PKK PolicyWatch September 12, 2003
U.S.-Turkish Military Cooperation in Iraq: The Next Step Zaman August 13, 2003
U.S.-Turkish Military Cooperation in Iraq? PolicyWatch August 7, 2003
Can Americans, Turks, and Kurds Get Along in Northern Iraq? PolicyWatch July 10, 2003
Turkey Time National Review Online June 20, 2003
Turkmens, the Soft Underbelly of the War in Northern Iraq PolicyWatch March 27, 2003
An Accident on the Road to U.S.-Turkish Cooperation in Iraq PolicyWatch March 3, 2003
Why Are the Turks Hesitating on Iraq? PolicyWatch January 27, 2003
Yes, the Turks Are Good Enough for Europe Los Angeles Times December 13, 2002
Turkey and the European Union at a Crossroads PolicyWatch December 10, 2002
Challenges for the Justice and Development Party Government in Turkey PolicyWatch November 13, 2002
Turkey Will Find a Balance between Secularists and Islamists Los Angeles Times November 5, 2002
U.S. Must Address Turkey's War Fears The Baltimore Sun November 3, 2002
Upcoming Turkish Elections: Likely Winners and Implications for Foreign Policy PolicyWatch October 31, 2002
Enhancing the Turkish-American Alliance PolicyWatch October 2, 2002
November Elections in Turkey PolicyWatch September 25, 2002
Turkey's Quest to Join the European Union PolicyWatch August 14, 2002

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Turks Today
by Andrew Mango
The Washington Post March 13, 2005
Political Leaders and Democracy in Turkey Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004

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