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Turkey's Political Uncertainty: Implications of the June 2015 Parliamentary Election

August 19, 2015  •  Research Note


Turkey's Political Uncertainty:Implications of the June 2015 Parliamentary Elections

Soner Cagaptay, with Caitlin Stull and Mark Bhaskar

More than two months have passed since Turkey's June 7 elections, in which the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost a parliamentary majority it had held since 2002. Given the AKP's inability to form a governing coalition, a new vote will likely be called for later this year. Until then, Turkey's future will remain in limbo.

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Implications of Turkey's War Against the PKK

August 14, 2015  •  Policy Watch

Despite the broken ceasefire, leaders on both sides have political reasons to limit the violence, with Ocalan seeking to reassert his authority over the Kurdish nationalist movement and the AKP looking for a bump in the polls ahead of early elections.

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Turkey's Kurdish Moment

August 3, 2015  •  Hurriyet Daily News

Recent Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) violence in Turkey, including its execution–style murders of two police officers on July 23rd, is alarming. The PKK attacks are in response to Turkish shelling of the group's camps inside Iraq.  After a four year respite from Kurdish violence, Turkey risks once again being sucked into the vortex of fighting.

Yet, if the Turks and Kurds can take stock of recent developments, including the success of the Kurdish nationalist Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the June 7th Turkish parliamentary elections, and also study successful examples of defusing ethnic tensions, like the Spanish model, Turkey can retract from the brink of violence.

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Turkey strikes Kurdish militants in Iraq, ends truce of more than 2 years

July 25, 2015  •  The Washington Post

BEIRUT — Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish militants in northern Iraq early Saturday, expanding and complicating the air war launched by Turkey against the Islamic State in Syria the day before.

The strikes targeted weapons-storage facilities and camps belonging to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, at its Mount Qandil headquarters in the remote mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to a government statement.

There were also strikes for a second night in a row against the Islamic State in Syria, indicating that Turkey is now actively engaged in the war against the militants after months on the sidelines.

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Türkiye Tehlikeli Bir Döneme Giriyor

July 23, 2015  •  Deutsche Welle

Türkiye ile ABD, IŞİD'le mücadelede işbirliği mesajı verirken İncirlik'in koalisyon uçaklarına açılması da gündemde. Washington Enstitüsü Türkiye Program Direktörü Soner Çağaptay gelişmeleri DW'ye değerlendirdi.

DW: ABD Başkanı Barack Obama ile Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan Suruç'taki saldırının ardından bir telefon görüşmesi yaptı. Görüşmede, IŞİD'le mücadelede işbirliğinin güçlendirilmesinin arzulandığı belirtildi. Aynı zamanda, İncirlik'in koalisyon uçaklarına açılması gündemde. Bütün bu gelişmeleri nasıl yorumlamak gerekiyor?

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