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Preventing a Middle Eastern Gordian Knot

February 3, 2016  •  War on the Rocks

The situation in the Middle East is beginning to resemble the Balkans: either the Balkans in the early 1990s, before Washington woke up and played its role as security leader, or the Balkans before World War I, when no one woke up.

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A Turkish-Friendly Zone Inside Syria

January 29, 2016  •  The Washington Institute

Tighter border security would pose an existential threat to IS, not to mention hindering its travel, smuggling, and recruitment efforts.

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Kemal Erdogan's Second Turkish Revolution

January 27, 2016  •  Politico

The Turkish leader seems intent on uprooting the Ottoman legacy and restoring Islam's central role.

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Biden Should Ask Turkey to Double Down on Its Commitment to the West

January 23, 2016  •  Hurriyet Daily News

Although Ankara is seemingly responding to westward-oriented pressures at home and abroad, it could still swing Turkey back to the right if it continues to pursue the politics of religion, especially while the Islamic State looms on its borders.

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Turkey's New Base in Qatar

January 14, 2016  •  The Washington Institute

Having a permanent military foothold in the Gulf will put Turkey in an elite group of powers, but more presence also means more exposure, whether to Saudi-Iranian tensions or other local crises.

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